About CoilsKinksCurls, LLC

CoilsKinksCurls, LLC was founded May of 2012 by Angela Easterling. Forming the company was sort of an afterthought. Only after I began designing The Curl Stretcher, did I decide I wanted to offer more than just a hair tool. I wanted a place for customers to purchase the product online, but while there, I wanted them to have a full interactive web experience.

The website coilskinkscurls.com was created and is a membership based site. Currently, it is a place where I share my stories, but registered users can leave feedback. Here you will also find a store selling a few of my products.

Soon, this will morph into a social website for any and every natural woman, man, and child to share their journeys with other naturals, and the world alike. This will include reading and posting blogs, interacting with peers, viewing and posting photos, videos, etc.


About CoilsKinksCurls Products

Pull-A-PuffThe Curl Stretch is an idea that came to me as a result of going natural. I didn't want to use heat in my hair, yet there was no simple way of straightening, or stretching it. I begin sketching my vision. From my sketches, my talented husband began to design the product.

While I worked on the patent, lawyers, financing, etc., my husband worked on designing, prototyping, and researching production costs etc. Then came my first prototype. BIG DISAPOIONTMENT! Realizing that his Oil & Gas engineering experience wasn't enough, he enlisted services of a plastic design firm. Then came prototype 2, 3 & 4. We're finally at the last prototype, HOPEFULLY!

I appreciate your anticipation and I'm confident the product will be available soon. Please check back for demonstrations and for the opportunity for beta testing or contact us at ckcpromotions@coilskinkscurls.com to be added to be added to the beta testing consideration list.

The Pull-A-Puff, shown in photo. Finally, an accessory made specifically for puffs. But, can also double as a head band. Pull your curly hair into a puff effortlessly and stylishly. I love this idea.

As of now, these are handcrafted by me and limited supplies are available for sell now. To place an order, please visit our online store by clicking Shop above.


About The Owner

Angela Easterling, CEO CoilsKinksCurls, LLCMy name is, Angela Easterling and I embarked on this natural hair journey by chance. It started off as a healthy RELAXED hair journey. In 2010, my relaxed hair was nearly bra strap length and growing with barely any effort at all. This was the longest I'd ever seen my hair. I contributed the growth to stretching my relaxers to 2x/year and wearing sew-in extensions. Amazed by my growth, I decided to make a conscious effort in caring for my hair.

I scoured the internet looking for resources, blogs, and forums that featured women with long beautiful hair. I then became obsessed with growing mine even longer than what it was. I tried any and every product suggested. I created a "regimen" and began co-washing and deep conditioning on a regular.

I thought I was doing everything right. Ironically, the more effort I put into the health and length of hair, the more damaged it became. I began to experience excessive shedding, breaking, you name it. Before I knew it, I'd lost inches and as a last ditch effort to save my hair, I scheduled an appointment with my beautician. "Trim the damaged ends ", I requested. 20, or so, minutes later I looked in the mirror and realized I was barely shoulder length. Apparently, it was all damaged!

Discouraged, I Immediately installed my sew-in extensions. I couldn't believe how short my hair was. After a few days I had the thought to go natural. After all, I hadn't had a relaxer in about 6months. And most of the relaxer was cut off. At that moment, I decided to transition.

During my transition, I wore sew-ins and buns. About 6 months later I decided to rock my hair. Unfortunately, I was not able to tolerate the 2 textures so I decided to complete the Big Chop.

In May of 2012, it was official. I was completely natural. From there, my natural hair journey began.

I haven't decided that I will remain natural but I will say that being natural has taught me a lot about myself and has inspired me to do some pretty amazing things. And if tomorrow, I decide to relax again, I feel the time spent as a natural was a necessary milestone in my life.


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