Natural 1 year
Wed, Jan 21, 2015   |   Comments(0)
Angela Easterling
Angela Easterling

Soon I will make 1 year on my natural journey. What a ride!

My first year as a natural has been a journey for me no doubt. I've learned so many things about my hair along with a few things about myself. I've made lifestyle changes and have taken a greater effort in not only what you see outside but inside.

I remember posting a blog that made my natural journey seem uncertain. I want to let you all know that many of those insecurities I've faced in the beginning no longer exist. I'm still get subconscious sometime, but for the most part, I've embraced my natural hair. This is who I am and I expect to be accepted just this way. With that said, I must admit that my awesome experiences have far outweighed the undesirables.

Overall it has been an amazing and a greatly fulfilling year. It as exceeded what I've expected. I look forward to next year's journeys.


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