Goddess Braid With Side Puff
Wed, Jan 21, 2015   |   Comments(0)
Angela Easterling
Angela Easterling

  1. Start with damp hair
  2. Part your hair leaving the bulk on the side you want your goddess braid
  3. I like to section and pin up my natural hair soo that it's easier to manage. Be sure to leave out the sectioned hair you will be braiding
  4. IMPORTANT: Detangle your hair using a tool of your choice. I like to use a Denman brush. The less tangles the easier to manage, braid, and style. This step will result in a more polished look.
  5. Rub in a small amount of coconut oil or any oil of your choice. This willl help prevent the gel from flaking and provide shine.
  6. At this time I also detangle each section of hair I have pinned up and rub in coconut oil.
  7. Add a small amount of gel or at leaset enough to hold te style. I like EcoStyler.
  8. Gel back the hair that will not be braided to set in position and to keep out of the way.
  9. Grab 3 small pieces of hair at the place you want the goddess braid to begin.
  10. Continue braiding until you are just beyond a quarter of the way around your head.
  11. Gently pull the goddess braid and any unbraided hair back into a ponytail position. Smooth any loose or fly-away hairs down with a little EcoStyler gel with your hand.
  12. At this point you can place your hair into a ponytail, bun, french roll, or whatever you desire to finish the look.
  13. I chose a banana clip for a fuller look that displays my curls more.
  14. I also brush down a little baby hair for a softer look.
  15. This style should last for at least 3 days if you wrap with scarf at night. Hope you enjoyed!

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