Hair Tutorial | How to Bleach, Color & Steam Process your Weave Extensions
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Angela Easterling
Angela Easterling

This video is a tutorial on how to bleach, color, and steam process curly extensions. This process can be performed on any human hair, though your results may be different. I will be using this hair for a full wig. 

THE HAIR ~~~~~
I'm using 12 inch, curly, virgin, Brazilian hair. This hair can be purchased through me. Please send me a private message if you are in purchasing or for more information.

First I bleached the hair for about 1 hour then washed. The hair did not lighten enough, so I bleached again for another hour.
After I achieved my desired lightness, I added hair color to tone the weave. I left this on the extensions for 30 minutes. I then washed and conditioned.
Once the hair was my desired color, I allowed it to air dry for several hours.
Once the hair nearly dry, I begin applying my rollers. Rolling the hair with rollers then putting the rolled hair in boiling water is called Steam Processing. This is a technique most extension company use to curl their weaves. 
The smaller the rollers the tighter the curl pattern you will achieve.
I boil the hair using oil and conditioner for 3 hours.

TROUBLE!!!!!! ~~~~~~
After boiling, I discovered that my rollers bled onto my blonde causing red streaks throughout the hair. I scrubbed the hair, but was unsuccessful in removing all of the red. But the curl pattern was perfect. I will still use the hair as it wasn't completely messed up.
I plan on using the rollers again, but only on dark hair.

L'Oreal Quick Blue powder bleach
Clairol Pure White Developer 30Volume
Kiss Express Color -- Light Ash Brown
Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo
Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor
Moroccanoil intense hydrating mask
Trader Joe's Grape Seed Oil
Suave Conditioner
Processing Brush
Measuring cup

Rollers: purchased from
Cost: $25 for 7 packs, but I only used 4 packs/bundle of hair 
Name:  Magenta Red Flannel Wrapped Flexible Perm Rods Curlers.

I wouldn't recommend using them in light colored hair as they do bleed as you saw in the vid. But I did my dark 1B hair and it turned out perfect. 


Facts about My Hair ~~~

I've been completely natural since May 2012. 
Check out my Big Chop video: 

My last relaxer was March 2011
I transitioned for 1 year. I cut the first 6 inches of my relaxer off in September 2011 and the rest at my Big Chop.
I transitioned with sew-ins
My texture is mostly 4a/4b
My hair is BLEACHED. It's I choice that I've made for how I wanted to wear and style my natural hair. Yes I do still consider myself natural since I did not alter the texture of my hair. My bleaching does require greater attention to moisture/protein balance. I work hard to keep my bleached hair growing.
I have heat damage left in the front of my hair from constant straightening while wearing sew-ins 
I do not use heat, but am not oppose to it.

Camera ~~~
Canon t4i

Music By~~~

Company Information ~~~
I am the Founder/Owner/CEO of CoilsKinksCurls, LLC. This LLC was formed in Texas in May of 2012. The sole purpose of creating the company was to brand a hair product that I've invented called The Curl Stretcher. This tool can be used to stretch hair without the need for heat or chemicals. We are currently in the design phase of this product. Please check back soon. 

Please visit my website where you can find my latest blogs or purchase other items from my store.

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Your Girl,

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